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Many months have passed since the inception of this mix project, so we’re very happy to finally share!! Peace to 1 year of broadcasting A Downtown Affair over the Tri-State and across the world.

Mike McGill and Tackleberry present Hope For Love, a selection of records touching upon anecdotes of courtship and infidelity while keeping in mind those lonely nights of mid-tempo dancing and fast romancing. A digest of music resolved to stimulate bodies, helping them move like fluids across desolate dance-floors from decades past.

Let the sleazy serenades play while hearts and drums break; all for love’s sake.

Hope for Love.

Download here
For a physical copy of the pressed and packaged disc, email me at ada AT


One Comment

  1. I just recieved this mix for which you so graciously sent to my apartment.

    You are the two biggest mans to touch the ones and twos. I’m so in love with this music. I know the future, and it’s got a lot of boogie in it. Thanks thanks thanks thanks and thanks! Keep rockin it, I’ll be listening!



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