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Serious Saturday

We’ll be returning to Savalas this Saturday night for a special evening of dance music selected by the Serious Bu$iness crew!

As part of Internet Week here in New York, Rocketboom and are kind enough to foot the bill for a two hour open bar, while you warm up for what promises to be a late night of dancing. Things kick off at 9pm, and you can expect them to last longer than you will. Mention ‘blip’ or ‘rocketboom’ at the door to get a wristband.

A few friends had asked about my set from last Thursday night, so I put that up here. No editing or touch ups, just a few drinks and a supportive dance floor! I initially planned on keeping things strictly space-related in some capacity, but couldn’t help dropping in some new found boogie 12″s (Goldie Alexander – Show You My Love!!). Oh, and that ‘Music is The Key’ record is totally fucked! (n.b. do not play scratched up Chicago house dollar bin records on hi-fi systems!) Anyways, here it is:

Live at Savalas

Be sure to check for all the other sets, as well as a slew of archived recordings from past nights.


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  1. That Goldie Alexander track is great. Boogie and disco are staples @ We Just Wanna Dance. Stop by some time.

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