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Episode 4, recorded live at WNYU Studios on November 23rd, 2007. Grabbing HIGH-NRG from latin disco, Montreal, Moskow, Frisco, and elsewhere, Part 1 is U.P. T.E.M.P.O. Part 2 continues from Fonda Rae’s classic “Heo-bah” and moves toward synth-boogie before closing with some bass-action, and the massive ‘Way Out’.

ADA - Episode 4 - Part 2

Part 1:

The Strikers – Body Music (Prelude)
Nick Straker Band – A Little Bit of Jazz (Prelude)
TConnection – At Midnight (T.K. Disco)
Candido – Dancin’ and Prancin’ New York Latin Hustle (Soul Jazz)
Candido – Jingo (Rams Horn)
Tantra – A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys ReEdit) (Tirk)
Phoreski – (edit) (Bare Fist Recordings)
Kebekelektrik – War Dance (Salsoul)
Telex – Moskow Diskow (Sire)
Patrick Cowley – Mindwarp (Megatron)
The Droids – Do you Have (The Force) (Barclay)
Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Radar)
The Flirts – Passion (R.E.M.I.X.E.D. Version) (Rams Horn)
Dharma – Plastic Doll (Instrumental) (Clone)
Warp 9 – No Man Is An Island (Prism)
Fonda Rae – Heo-bah (Hey-O-Bah) (Posse Records)
K.I.D. – Don’t Stop the Music (SAM)
David Joseph – You can’t hide your love (Island)

Part 2:

Colonel Abrams – Trapped (MCA)
Jimmy Ross – Fall Into A Trance (RFC)
The Shades Of Love – Keep In Touch (Body to Body) (Instrumental) (Venture)
Class Action – Weekend (Sleeping Bag)
Imagination – Illusion (MCA)
Jimmy Bo Horne – Spank (Sunshine Sound)
Discognosis – Step by Step (Tangoterje edit) (Supreme)
Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame – Way Out (Konglather)
Eurofunk – Manshortage (Eli-173 Edit) (Environ)
Curtis Mayfield – Little Child Runnin Wild (Buddah Records)
Cosmic Force – Trinidad Bump (Truth & Soul)
NY Slide (Champagne mix)
Was Not Was – Tell Me that I’m Dreaming (Dub)


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