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A dose of tha street beat for your aural pleasure:

(Snatched from F.A.T.)



Mixed live on a Sunday afternoon by B3nn3tt4$enat3 and Mike McGill. Boogie, disco, r&b, electro and freestyle jams, dedicated to your mama. No samples cleared, 100% bump, low carbs and a few white boys, sleazy synthesizers and packed dancefloors. Body2Body2Africa and back to the space station; anticipation, triumph, lessons learned.

(this is a little something Mike and I have been working on since he moved to my block earlier in the summer. Catch Mike every Friday from 10:30pm-1am on his show “A Downtown Affair” on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City, or at, and keep an ear to the FAT for more collabo-jawns to come. And always stay tuned to the Music page for the FATtest jams 24/7.)

Like what you hear? Trying to have these fresh DJs play your party/bar/function? contact


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